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Our experience allows us to adapt our business to your needs

Patrick is the pulse of Australian logistics with an established system of ports, freight and rail that has moved goods for over 100 years.

Now operating in over 40 locations, Patrick’s port, terminal and supply chain services support shipping lines, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and customs brokers. Our experience in your industry means as you grow in scale and reach, we grow with you. 

When it comes to your import or export supply chain, we have the expertise across all elements and can provide you with best in class solutions that meet your unique needs: 

We’re growing. A $348 million investment to redevelop and expand our container terminal at Port Botany in Sydney is underway


Building a partnership with your automotive business means we’re more than just a service provider. We’re your one point of contact for all processing, finishing and parts handling needs and one specialist for your transport supply chain. It’s how we like to keep things personal and manageable, and provide a solution that has every piece of your business in mind.

What’s more, keeping vehicle imports and manufacturing simple by consolidating steps allows you to find time for the next parts of your business that will keep it competitive. 

50% of all new car imports in Australia come through us

C3 Limited

We're in partnership with many major and smaller exporters, importers and shipping lines. We provide services and expertise to New Zealand Steel, RD1 Nutrition, Pan Pac Forest Products and other leading businesses.

Each year, C3 Limited handles over 14.5 million tonnes of cargo. This includes around: 30 million logs, 3.5 million tonnes of forest products and 300,000 tonnes of steel.

It’s crucial for New Zealand’s exporters and importers to have reliable, fast and secure ways to get their products to and from the world’s markets. We’re proud to be a major part of making that happen.

Mountain Industries

Mountain Industries can transport, store and manage bulk products such as minerals, grain, fertiliser and carbonaceous product at our site or yours. Our geographical location enables us to dispatch and receive product by road, rail or sea. Grain can be cleaned, dried, tested, graded and containerised at our regional intermodal depots and dispatched by road or rail.

Our geographical location enables us to dispatch and receive product by road, rail or sea.


Working at Patrick

You’d think our Patrick team never sits still. Their work keeps everything moving and forms the bond between our port, rail and haulage services so, just as we’re always changing, they are too. Joining a team dynamic team that’s always on their feet means you’ll make important decisions at every turn.

Patrick is the engine to our business. It’s hard graft and good humour that keeps everything running smoothly, even when we meet a new challenge. 

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