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Asciano was first listed on the Australian Securities Exchange on 6 June, 2007 but our history goes back much further than that. We were born out of organisations that have their own rich history including Pacific National, National Rail, Patrick Corporation and Strang Stevedoring. 

In more recent years C3 Limited and Mountain Industries have added significant capabilities to our vast regional footprint.

We have a rich history, and our future is only just beginning.



We've been the backbone of the Australian economy for over 100 years

Corporate Governance

We are governed by principles of integrity, transparency and accountability.  We comply with the Corporations Act, ASX Listing Rules and our own constitution.



Corporate governance is about creating a solid framework for the performance and sustainability of our Company


For us innovation isn’t about seeking something new. It’s about analysing what’s working in your business and planning to make it better. That way, we don’t spend time fixing problems, we spend time thinking about the whole picture and how we’re going to build changes for the long term. 

Innovations in rail freight allow us to move cargo predictably and with minimal possible cost


Safety isn’t a set of guiding principles, it’s in everything we do. We manage our performance in everyday tasks and in our board’s decisions. And it’s about more than meeting the law, it’s about providing careful, sustainable practices to our customers and stakeholders in all our services.

We’re committed to getting our people home safely everyday


Our approach to environmental management is to identify our material risks, and allocate appropriate resources to ensure that these risks are appropriately managed, while ensuring we are compliant with all regulatory requirements. We also continue to invest in and modernise our fleet and equipment and are committed to improving our operational efficiency, which delivers both environmental benefits and cost savings. 

We are focused on indentifying and introducing a range of energy saving initiatives